Differences between PMI-ACP and CSM: which is better?

Many people have doubts about the differences between PMI-ACP and CSM. They want to know which one is best for their career. And they often fail to understand correctly which are the advantages of PMI-ACP and which are the advantages of CSM.

It may seem that the differences between them are very few. But know that it is important to know what differs PMI-ACP vs CSM.

Choosing between the two certifications will make your career go in different directions.

In this article I compare PMI-ACP x CSM See in this article which of them may be ideal for the moment you are living

PMI-ACP vs CSM: the CSM Certification

Scrum is maybe the most popular agile, methodology out there.

And that’s why the CSM certification is very popular: because it certifies you to become a professional scrum Master.

If your intention is to work in software development environment as a Scrum Master, then the CSM certification is the training that will teach you how to get ready for the exam.

What is Scrum Master

The Scrum Master must have full mastery of the Scrum processes, also ensuring the team’s full understanding of these aspects, in addition to removing impediments and to ensure that the team’s work flows in the best possible way, and must reflect on meeting deadlines and deliverables. a Sprint.

The Scrum Master is responsible for transmitting the teachings and values of the agile Scrum methodology.

As one of the 3 roles of the Scrum Team, along with the Product Owner and the Development Team, it works to facilitate the work of the entire team. Especially when it comes to understanding Scrum concepts.

That is, he is the specialist in the Scrum framework and agile project management.

PMI-ACP vs CSM: the PMI-ACP Certification

If you want to take a role in organizations that can come from any industry and you want to apply the Agile Mind Set to your projects, the PMI ACP certification, may be the best for you probably is the best for you. Exactly. Because it gives you not only the foundation of the scrum methodology, the Scrum framework that you need to know. But also teaches you the agile mindset, the Agile principles that you want. to incorporate in y our practices.

You’re going to learn about lean practices. You’re going to learn about Kanban. Well obviously Scrum is part of the proprietary training as well in the exempt. So you were going to navigate through different methods, you’re going to see, Crystal you are going to see test driven development, you’re going to see an adaptive planning how to work with performing teams. So it is much more than a training that is focused on the scrum methodology. And gives you really a broad view of view of what is a mindset,

Conclusion about PMI-ACP vs CSM

So in summary, the CSM certification, may be suitable for you if you are looking for a scrum Master position within the next 5 years or so, and the PMI ACP certification, may be the best one for you. If you want to have a broader view of your Giants are how to apply agile principles in your projects. Regardless, if you use me, scrum methodology, or any other framework, or hybrid framework that you might want to apply in your, in your organization.