PMI-ACP Exam Structure

This three-hour exam includes 120 questions. These are questions that are included in the PMI-ACP exam content topic domains.

Twenty of the questions are not graded and do not affect your score.

These are called pretest items and are questions that PMI is testing. You won’t know which questions count towards your grade and which pretest items are, so answer each question as if it’s important, because it matters!

PMI calls these test items a “test before the test”. You won’t know which questions count towards your grade or which are pretest items, so you must answer each question as if it were essential to getting the desired score.

If you want to know the PMI-ACP Passing Score, keep reading this article.

Why should you take a PMI-ACP Certification

As the PMI-ACP® Certification is considered proof of your professional achievement globally, it demonstrates the experience and skill set level in agile project management, which will immediately attract an employer’s attention.

This makes your resume more attractive to companies. Most significantly, the PMI-ACP certification teaches you important skills to excel in your career. This is because the PMI-ACP certification has high standards.

Knowing the PMI-ACP passing score helps you to measure your knowledge.

Obtaining PMI-ACP credentials will include learning a variety of physical and social skills. It builds knowledge of fundamental tools and techniques of project management processes and methodologies. In addition, it exposes you to current best practices and trends in agile project management.

What is the PMI-ACP Passing Score exam?

PMI bases the pass rate of all of its certification exams, including the PMI-ACP exam, on psychometric data. In psychometric tests, the pass rate is not disclosed. How it works is that if so many people show up for an exam this month or this year, there is a chance that the exam pass rates in the following month or year will be higher.

As fewer people show up for the exam, the pass rate goes down.

In psychometric exams, a criterion is often taken into account to determine the success rate of candidates. The increasing success rate of candidates will lead to an increase in the pass rate for future psychometric exams.

If the students pass rate is lower, the next exam pass rate will decrease.

However, most examiners in the field have come to believe that the PMI-ACP exam pass score hovers around 70%.


It is not possible to know exactly which grade to pass the exam, but 70% is an approximate number.

The important thing is that you prepare yourself with good preparatory courses and dedicate a lot of time to your studies.

Keeping calm during the test is also an important tip.

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