There is a Continuity of Certification cycle. This cycle lasts 3 years, starting January 1 of the year in which initial certification was obtained.
During this cycle you must accumulate at least 60 “Professional Development Units (PDUs).
If you want to know How long is the PMP certification valid cycle, remember ir lasts for 3 years.

What happens if the PMP certification expires?

You must register 60 credits in a 3-year period. This time is counted from the start of the initial homologation.
If you do not meet this requirement, your PMP credential will be suspended.
But you have a second chance:
Obtain the missing records within 12 months after the PMP certificate expires.
With that then, your certificate returns to the active position.

What if I don’t get PDUs in a year?

After 12 months, your chances of renewal are over. If you do not obtain the missing PDUs, your certification is no longer valid.

How to renew the PMI-ACP certification

You will need to retake the exam. Once the validity is lost, there is no way to appeal to the PMI.
Do I need to be a PMI member to maintain my attestation?
It’s not mandatory.

How long is the PMP verification valid if I’m no longer an affiliate?

Even though you are no longer an affiliate, your PMP assurance remains valid.

How to keep the certification active?

Embed the 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) credits. As stated above, all must be achieved within 3 years of initial attestation.

How long is the PMP certification valid: are there any fees?

There is an annual fee. This fee has two values:

  • $60 for PMI members
  • $150 for non-members

What is the PMP certification renewal process like? First, PMI needs to confirm that you have met the PDU requirements. Soon you will be informed of the result and you can renew the certification.

You must complete the Application for Renewal of Certification and complete payment of the renewal fee. Payment is completed online in the PMI system.

This must be done before the end of your attestation.

  • The PMI will then:
  • Process the completed application
  • Confirm payment for renewal
  • Submit an updated certificate

You will be able to see the new certification/CCR active cycle dates.
Certificate submission takes 6-8 weeks.